The road to your license in..

The race to get your driver's license consists of three steps, where all the steps should be completed before you start with the next one. In that way you are comfortable and safe throughout the whole process.

Basic traffic course

Before you can start training in a car and practice driving at home, you must have a basic traffic course. You can read more about the course and sign up here

Main focus:

·      Understanding risk and the traffic system


·      3 theory sessions
·      First aid course
·      Night driving course

Number of lessons: 17 hours (45 min) partitioned over five evenings

Basis in simulator

Through simulator driving, we can map your skill level. You practice driving in the simulator until the competency requirements are reached. In that way you are safe and efficient behind the wheel even before you get into the traffic.

Main focus:

·      Driving skills


·      Simulator driving

Number of lessons: Depends on how much you have been training or driven at home. This varies from student to student

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Car and simulator training

Training in both car and simulator gives you the basic knowledge for you to practice your driving at home. The goal is to make you a confident and safe driver. This section is based on part 2.

Main focus:

·      Trafical understanding


·      Driving in simulator and car
·      Two assessment lessons 

              (part of mandatory training) 

of lessons: Depends on how much you have been training or driven at home. This varies from student to student

Mandatory car training

When you finish part 3, the final mandatory tutorial starts. This is the last step on the road to your driving license, and this is the same for all students. This is completed when you are considered to be at the right level.

Main focus:
·      Risk understanding and self-awareness


·      Driving in a car
·      Classroom teaching

Number of lessons: 21 (of 45 min)

Safety course on track – 4
(driving to and from the track, equivalent to one driving lesson) – 1
Safety courses on the road – 13
Final driver's test – 2
(warm up, equivalent to one driving lesson) – 1