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Do what pilots do, learn to drive in a simulator! With the combination of simulator and driving on the road, you'll achieve the most efficient learning

Why should I get my license with Way?

At Way, our goal is to get you as efficiently as possible through driver's education.

Customized training

Driving in simulator can increase the efficiency of your driver's education. Reach your goal sooner with the combination of simulator and driving on the road.

Open evenings and weekends

We're open both on evenings and during weekends. Drive when you want!

Practice safely in a simulator

Do a few sessions in the simulator first, then you're more confident in yourself when you  go out on the road.


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Do as the pilots do, learn in a simulator

The simulator allows you to learn more efficiently, practice unusual and dangerous situations and learn according to your own specific needs

Frequently asked questions

The simulator allows you to learn more efficiently, practice unusual and dangerous situations and get the lessons best adapted to your needs.

Since teaching should be individually adapted, the total price per driver's license is varied. The Norwegian Public Roads Administration believes a student should have around 140 hours behind the wheel to get ready for a driver's test. The reason is that you need to gather traffic experiences, in order to make good decisions in traffic. A student who doesn't practice driving privately needs many driving lessons at the traffic school. A student who drives a lot private ly needs fewer driving lessons.

Everything from NOK 18 000,- up to NOK 40 000,- is a completely normal price.

  • Assessment Step 2
  • Safety courses on track
  • Assessment Step 3
  • All of Step 4:
    • Lesson, "Driving Risk"
    • Road trip
    • Planned trip
    • Course, "Reflection and Summary"

For example, your traffic teacher should know what level you're at and set yourself up in the mandatory hours when you're ready for it.

Everyone must have regular driving hours at both steps 2 and 3. If you have exercise skirts a lot private, this will appear, and the teacher will only check that you can what you are going to, in line with the curriculum, before you get to complete the mandatory hours.

Traffic school is not allowed to guarantee you to be finished in a certain time. Some need a lot of time to achieve the goals of the curriculum, others need less time. This is often related to how much you practice driving. We recommend spending a long time on the tutorial, as this is a maturation course. That doesn't mean it's getting more expensive. But anywhere from 3 months to one year is normal time to spend on the tutorial.

Training Class B starts with a regular driving lesson in simulator or school car. Just give us a hint of when you want to get started, and we're going to do what we can to accommodate this. Please send us an email, call or use the contact form on our website.

The Norwegian Public Roads Administration recommends that you start exercise driving when you are 16 years old. But at Way you can start driving in car simulator even before you're 16 years old. We can, using car simulator, take you through key parts of traffic training so you are even better prepared when you first go out on the road.

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