Category B

The mandatory lessons+ driving lessons

In our package you will find all the mandatory you need. No surprises along the way.
In addition, drive the driving lessons you need. Easy and easy.

The mandatory lessons

This is all that must be included in any training in order to obtain a category B driver's license. Fees to the Norwegian Public Roads Administration are not included. Scroll down to see these

Two assessment lessons

NOK 1 420,-

Safety courses on track

NOK 3 900,-

Driving to and from the track, equivalent to one driving lesson

NOK 690,-

+ Course rental, NAF

NOK 1 260,-

Safety courses on the road

kr 6 900,-

Final driver's test

kr 2 100,-

Warm up before the final driver's test, equivalent to one driving lesson

NOK 690,-

NOK 16 960,-


NOK 3 060,-

In total

NOK 13 900,-

+ Driving lessons

At Way, you take part of the training in simulator, as well as traditional training in cars. Read more about our race under The road to your driver's license.

Simulator lesson

NOK 390,-
Duration: 30 minutes

Lesson in a car

NOK 690,-
Duration: 45 minutes

+ Fees

The following fees to the Norwegian Public Roads Administration incurred

Theoretical exam

NOK 660,-

Final driver's test

NOK 1 140,-
Online payment: 1 100,-

Issuance of driver's license

NOK 310,-
Online payment: 145,-


kr 80,-

In total

NOK 2 190,-

Practice only what you need.

We adapt the driving training.

Ready to get started?

Basic traffic course

Basic traffic course

NOK 2890,-
Including three theory lessons, night lesson and a first aid course

Night Lesson

NOK 1 390,-

First aid course

NOK 590,-