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Class B Packages

Package + driving hours

In our package you will find all the mandatory items you need. In addition to the mandatory elements, the package includes an overtaking course.
Beyond that, you drive the hours you need. Simple and straightforward.


Everything you need to drive up to passenger car class B. Basic traffic course, fees to the Norwegian Public Roads Administration and ordinary driving lessons are not included.

Two step assessments

NOK 1 580

Safety courses on track

NOK 5,950

(Courses are conducted with another student. In case of one-to-one teaching, an additional cost of kr. 790 per course).

Safety course on the road

NOK 8,500
(Including planning and driving in a varied environment", with another student. For one-to-one tuition, there is an additional cost of €. 790 per course.

Car rental for the driving test

3 290,- kr.
(including warm-up class)

Overtaking in practice

NOK 1 580
(Courses are conducted with another student.)

20 900,-


2 420,-

In total

NOK 18,480

+ Driving lessons

Read more about our education under Veien til lappen

Driving lesson in traffic simulator

NOK 390,-
Duration: 30 minutes

Lesson in a car

NOK 790
Duration: 45 minutes

Surcharge of NOK 100 at the start of driving time by car after 16:00 , and all day durings weekends .

+ Fees

The following fees to the Norwegian Public Roads Administration is not included

Theoretical exam

NOK 360

Driving test

kr 1 190,-
Payment online: NOK 1,150

Issuance of driver's license

NOK 210
Payment online: 90, -


kr 70, -

In total

NOK 1,830

ATTENTION! We are changing the prices from 02.10.23.

New price driving lesson: kr. 840,-

We are also launching our 10-hour package where you can buy driving lessons at a discounted price.

Ready to get started?

Basic traffic course

Under 25

Three theory evenings


First aid course


Night Driving

1 800,-

In total

3 300,-

Over 25

First aid course


Night Driving

1 800,-


In total

2 550,-