About us

About Way

Way works actively to digitize traffic training through the use of virtual environments and automated feedback. Our artificially intelligent traffic instructor will be compatible with both traffic simulator, car and desktop. With the help of the software platform and a full-scale driving simulator, the student must be able to easily and efficiently acquire the necessary competence on the road to becoming a safe driver. The teacher, for his part, will benefit from our full-fledged ERP system for planning and organizing. With this, Way wants to create a comprehensive solution and a future standard for intelligent and effective traffic training, both nationally and internationally.

Our history

Way was founded in June 2015, with the aim of developing more efficient, environmentally friendly, less expensive and safer traffic training for class B driving licences. Since then, in collaboration with a wide range of different professional communities and stakeholders, Way has developed its own solution for the future of traffic training. The system consists of a series of virtual driving environments, exercises, and automated feedback applied using a proprietary full-scale driving simulator.

Our vision

Way aim to develop the futures international standard for intelligent and efficient traffic training.