Passenger car with trailer – B96/BE

Passenger car with trailer – BE/B96

For those who want to drive a car and trailer with a permissible total weight over 3,500 kg.

Load securing course 2 Step assessments Road safety course

What is the difference between class B and BE/B96?

With a class B driving licence, the maximum permitted total weight (car + trailer) is 3,500 kg. If you want to drive a car and trailer with a higher total weight than this, you need class B96 - permitted total weight 4,250 kg, or driving license class BE permitted total weight 7,000 kg. It is required that you have completed training for class B before you can take class BE/B96.

Should I choose B96 or BE?

Max permissible total weight (car + trailer) 4250 kg 7000kg
Load securing course Yes Yes
2 Step assessments Yes Yes
Road safety course Yes Yes
Driving test no Yes


Load securing course

The course lasts two hours and provides insight into the importance of securing and marking cargo. You will also receive practical training in securing cargo.

2 Step assessments

During the training, you will undergo 2 stage assessments. The purpose of these is to ensure that you have good enough skills to start at the next level.

Road safety course

The course is 3 hours long. Here you will develop your driving skills and reflect on your experiences from driving a car and trailer.

Class BE/B96

The mandatory + driving lessons

In our package you will find all the mandatory lessons you need. No surprises along the way.
You only pay for the driving lessons you need. As simple as that

The mandatory lessons

This is all that must be included in any traffic training for class B code 96/BE. Note fee to the Norwegian Road Administration when driving up to class BE.

BE and B96

Load securing course

NOK 700
(2 hours and 45 minutes)

Step assessment 2

NOK 900
(1 hour 45 minutes)

Step assessment 3

NOK 900
(1 hour 45 minutes)

Road safety course

NOK 2,800
(3 hours 45 minutes)


Car and trailer hire for driving test

NOK 1,900
(1 hour 65 minutes)

Total B96

NOK 5,300

Total B96

NOK 5300

Total BE

NOK 7,200 NOK 6,400
(Includes car rental and trailer for preliminary test)

Total BE

NOK 7200 NOK 6400

+ Driving lessons

Driving lesson

NOK 900
Duration: 45 minutes.

+ Fees (Class BE only)

The following fees to the Norwegian Public Roads Administration is not included

Driving test

NOK 1,030
Payment online: NOK 1,000

Issuance of driver's license

NOK 200
Payment online: 90, -

In total

NOK 1,090

We adapt the traffic education.


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