Basic traffic course

Traffic basic courses should give you a better road understanding and a preparation to conduct exercise driving.  

The course spans 5 course collections, 3 of which are theory lessons, 1 is first aid courses and 1 is a dark-driving demonstration.

If you take trafikalt base course in the summer months, you will receive a notice of dark demonstration in the late autumn.

Once the course is completed, you will receive a course certificate, which should be provided with all practice driving and to driving lessons in school cars. If you take the course during the summer season, you will first get a temporary proof, which is valid in the bright season. New evidence can be extracted once the dark demonstration is carried out.

No, the course should prepare you to start driving training. In fact, it is not allowed to drive a car until you have completed the Road Basic Course, if you are under the age of 25.

If you are under the age of 25, you will need a traffic basic course before you start private exercise driving or training in a school car.

If you're over 25 years old, you only need the first aid course and the dark-driving demonstration. These courses allow you to take parallel to the driving hours. Always have a valid id for private practice driving and for driving lessons at the traffic school.

The Norwegian Public Roads Administration sends course certificates to you by post, but this may occasionally take some time.

You can also find the proof digitally when logging on to your page on This is available from the moment the traffic school has reported your course participation.

If you use the digital proof, you must log in and view the website in the event of any control. Printing or image of the evidence from the websites is not valid as proof.

Remember to always include photo ID, as well as course certificates, when exercising or taking driving lessons.

Traffic basic courses, all five course co-ordinators: NOK 2390,-

Traffic basic course without dark driving demonstration: NOK 1290,-

Only first aid courses: NOK 550,-

Dark-driving demonstration only: NOK 1100,-

Driver's license class B

Since teaching should be individually adapted, the total price per driver's license is varied. The Norwegian Public Roads Administration believes a student should have around 140 hours behind the wheel to get ready for a driver's test. The reason is that you need to gather traffic experiences in order to make good decisions in traffic. A student who doesn't practice driving privately needs many driving lessons at the traffic school. A student who drives a lot private ly needs fewer driving lessons.

Everything from NOK 18 000,- and up to NOK 40 000,- is the normal total price if you run any exercise run privately.

  • Assessment Step 2
  • Track safety course (smooth ing)
  • Assessment Step 3
  • All of Step 4:
    • Course "Driving Ririko"
    • Road trip
    • Planned trip
    • Course "Reflection and Summary"

For example, your traffic teacher should know what level you're at and set yourself up in the mandatory hours when you're ready for it.

Everyone must have regular driving hours at both steps 2 and 3. If you have exercise skirts a lot private, this will appear, and the teacher will only check that you can what you are going to, in line with the curriculum, before you get to complete the mandatory hours.

Traffic school is not allowed to guarantee you to be finished in a certain time. Some need a lot of time to achieve the goals of the curriculum, others need less time. This is often related to how much you practice driving. We recommend spending a long time on the tutorial, as this is a maturation course. That doesn't mean it's getting more expensive. But anywhere from 3 months to one year is normal time to spend on the tutorial.

If you want driving lessons in car simulator, you can start already when you are 15 years old. We can take you through key parts of the tutorial even before you are 16 years old, to give you an extra good preparation before going out on the road.


Training Class B starts with a regular driving lesson in simulator or school car. Just give us a hint of when you want to get started, and we're going to do what we can to accommodate this. Please send us an email, call or use the contact form on our website.

Keep in mind that if you are under the age of 25, you will need a Traffic basic course before starting exercise/training in cars.

The Norwegian Public Roads Administration recommends that you start exercise driving when you are 16 years old. But at Way you can start driving in car simulator even before you're 16 years old. We can take you through key parts of traffic training so you are even better prepared when you first go out on the road.

The theory test can be taken at the earliest 6 months before you meet the age requirement for the desired driver's license class. So you can take the Class B theory test when you're 17.5 years old.

We advise you to take the theory test as early as possible. It's easier to drive out on the road when you know the theory.

Before taking the theory test, you must have registered application for a driver's license. You do this electronically when logging on to your page on Once the application is registered, you are cleared for theory test.

Once the theory test is passed, you are cleared to order the driver's test. Then you can again log in to and authorize the traffic school for ordering a driver's test.

You don't need to book an appointment for the theory test. It is taken by drop-in at one of the Norwegian Public Roads Administration's traffic stations. Include valid credentials and money for payment of theory trial fees.

Before taking the driver's test, you need to apply for a driver's license, take the theory test, the amounts enough to achieve the goals of the curriculum and carry out all compulsory teaching.

In order for us to book a driver's test for you, you must also log in to Your page on and authorise the driver's test booking. This can be done as soon as the theory test is passed.

The more you crowd coach, the faster the training goes. This is because traffic training is a maturation course, and you need many experiences to make good and independent decisions in traffic. The tutorial is divided into four steps, and your traffic teacher takes you further in the course as soon as you show that you master what you are going at each step.

When your teacher sees that you are approaching the driver's test level and you have authorized for booking, we in Way will order the driver's test for you.

The car simulator is a good supliment to the traditional teaching out in a car. Both re-learning and quantity training can be done in a safe and fun way in the car simulator. We can also give you practice in challenging tarfiical situations, which would rather avoid out on the road. Some students really enjoy driving a car simulator and take many hours in it. Others think it's okay to take several hours out in the car. It is entirely up to each student to decide how they want to combine the use of car simulator and school car in their training. We'll make a good dialogue so you get it the way you want.

The mandatory hours must be driven in school cars out on the road. The same goes for the driver's test.


Payment is currently made by invoice. We will send an invoice by email, if the customer does not ask to get it otherwise.

We will soon also offer payment via Stripe and Vipps.

We will send an invoice by email, if the customer does not ask to get it otherwise.

If you want to have your invoice sent by mail, just let me know by phone, email or via the contact form here on the website.

We're working on it. Payment via Vipps should be in place pretty soon.

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