Faster way to your drivers license with simulator

We have driving training in both simulator (30 min) and car (45 min), manual and automatic.

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Effective learning

By combining driving in a simulator and in a car, a more efficient way to the patch is achieved.

Flexible opening hours

With evening and weekend open, you have greater freedom to take driving lessons when it suits you.

Be safer in traffic

If you learn the basic skills in a simulator, you are more confident in yourself when you go out on the road.

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We are in a process where we allow everyone, students, future students, or people who only find what we do exciting, to invest in Way. 

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We offer

Basic Traffic Course

Basic traffic course is the first step on the way to the note. At Way, the course includes test driving in a simulator.

from 390,-

per session

Category B

Take the note in the most efficient way, with driving lessons in both simulator and on the road. Driving hours in a simulator from NOK 390

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Driving simulator?
What is it?

The driving simulator consists of a car on a motion platform, surrounded by a 360 degree screen. Here you can, among other things, train in a number of unusual and dangerous situations.

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In Norway, the Norwegian Public Roads Administration is responsible for planning capacity and conducting driving tests. This means that they are the ones who provide the examiner, and decide how many driving tests are made available at any given time. They have also requested that all traffic schools do not register candidates until the entire stage 4 has been completed. 

Way trafikkskole orders the driving tests through the Norwegian Public Roads Administration's own system. We always do our best to provide driving tests for you and our other students on the days the Norwegian Public Roads Administration announces that they will post new tests. Unfortunately, not enough driving tests are posted in Trøndelag. The system is further set up so that it is random if the driving test orders go through. The distribution between the various schools in the district is therefore random and sometimes thus unfairly distributed. 

The system has been appealed several times, and the schools in Trondheim have received an email that the complaints sent to the Norwegian Public Roads Administration are no longer answered. Although the complaints have not yet led to a solution, we hope, like you, that the Norwegian Public Roads Administration will solve the problem during 2021.

Unfortunately, Way can do nothing but apologize for the long wait. We recommend you while you wait to use the time efficiently, with increased amount of training in the time until the set driver test time. 

For more questions about this, feel free to contact us here .

If you have questions about the system itself, we recommend contacting the Norwegian Public Roads Administration directly at

The simulator makes it possible to train more efficiently, train in unusual and dangerous situations, and to a greater extent give you a customized training. Along with driving a car on the road, you get the most effective training with a simulator.

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As the teaching should be individually adapted, the total price of a driver's license will vary. The Norwegian Public Roads Administration believes a student should have around 140 hours behind the wheel to get ready for the driving test. The reason is that you need to gather traffic experiences in order to make good decisions in traffic. A student who does not practice driving privately therefore needs more driving lessons at the traffic school. A student who drives a lot of private needs fewer driving lessons.

Everything from NOK 18 000,- to KR. 40 000,- is perfectly normal total price.
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  • Assessment step 2
  • Safety courses on track
  • Assessment step 3
  • All of Step 4:
    • Lesson, "Driving Risk"
    • Road trip
    • Planned trip
    • Course, "Reflection and Summary"

The traffic school is not allowed to guarantee you to finish at a certain time. Some need a lot of time to achieve the goals in the curriculum, others need less time. This is often related to how much you exercise. We recommend spending plenty of time on the training, as traffic training is a maturing subject. This does not mean that it will be more expensive, but that you give yourself plenty of time to practice driving along the way.

Anywhere from three months to one year is normal time to spend on the tutorial.

The Norwegian Public Roads Administration recommends that you start practice driving when you are 16 years old. To be able to do that, you must have completed a basic traffic course. At Way, on the other hand, you can start driving in a simulator even before you are 16. We can use the simulator to take you through key parts of the traffic training so that you are even better prepared when you first go out on the road.

Class B training at Way, starts with a regular driving lesson in a simulator. If you are under 25, this happens after you have completed the basic traffic course. Over 25, after completing the dark demo and first aid course. Just give us a hint as to when you want to get started, and we'll find a start-up time that suits you. Feel free to send us an email, call or use the contact form on the website.

Yes, will offer training for both manual and automatic transmission

Yes, our teachers speak both Norwegian and English.

What do our students say?

"My experience at Way traffic school has been absolutely great. The teachers are knowledgeable and good at providing feedback. Simulator-based traffic training is the future!"
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"Driving in a simulator has been very instructive. You get to experience situations that you don't experience at a traditional driving school."