To help limit infection of the coronavirus, Way remains closed until 13.04.20.

All scheduled driving hours and courses during this period are postponed. What happens after 13.04.20 is uncertain yet, but we will do our best to keep our customers updated and provide good follow-up when we are back in normal operation.

Driving lessons from kr 490,-

We have driver's training both in simulators and cars, both for manual and automatic transmission. Open evenings and weekends.
Cheaper and more efficient than traditional driver's training 👌🏼

Efficient training

Driving in simulator can increase the efficiency of your driver's education. Reach your goals faster with a combination of simulator and driving on the road.

Open evenings and weekends

We're open both on evenings and during weekends. Drive when you want!

Practice safely in a simulator

Do a few sessions in the simulator first, then you're more confident in yourself when you  go out on the road.

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Our services

kr 2390,-

Basic Traffic Course

Our Basic Traffic Course is the first step on the road to the driver's license. At Way, the course includes a trial run in a driving simulator.

from kr 490,-

per session

Class B

Get your license in the most efficient way with driving lessons both in a simulator and on the road. Driving lessons starting at kr 490,-!

Gift certificate

Help an friend get started, buy them a gift certificate for driver's education!

What is a 
driving simulator?

The driving simulator allows you to learn more efficiently, practice unusual and dangerous situations and get your training tailored specifically to your needs.

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Why a simulator?

Research from SINTEF has shown that driving in simulator can increase the efficiency of driving training. The main advantage is thus that you get a more efficient driving training. In addition, driving in simulator allows you to practice unusual and dangerous situations that are not possible in the normal car.

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Since teaching should be individually adapted, the total price per driver's license varies. Statens Vegvesen believes a student should have around 140 hours behind the wheel to get ready for the driver's test. The reason is that you need to gather traffic experiences, in order to make good decisions in traffic. 

Simulator training allows us to control the situations students face and thus significantly streamline their learning process

The following lessons are mandatory:

  • Assessment Step 2
  • Safety courses on track
  • Assessment Step 3
  • All of Step 4:
    • Lesson, "Driving Risk"
    • Road trip
    • Planned trip
    • Course, "Reflection and Summary"

Total price: 12,900,-.

+ Driving lessons in simulator and car as needed.

Yes! We offer training for both manual and automatic transmission.

Yes! Our teachers speak both Norwegian and English.

What do our students say?

"My experience at Way traffic school has been absolutely great. The teachers are knowledgeable and good at providing feedback. Simulator-based traffic training is the future!"
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"Driving in a simulator has been very instructive. You get to experience situations that you don't experience at a traditional driving school."


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